It seems almost too good to be true, Xiaomi has finally arrived in Australia. Xiaomi is currently the world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand and is present in over 80 countries. In partnership with Panmi, Xiaomi products will hit Australian consumers both online and from stores across Australia. At the moment, Xiaomi Australia has products available for purchase from their official store ( and Mi Marketplace partners: Amazon and Catch. Panmi plans to increase stock and open stores across Australia within the coming months.

Panmi plans to “revolutionise consumers’ expectations – in addition to ensuring compliance with Australian Standards for all products introduced to the Australian market.”

Until now, Australians have had to purchase Xiaomi products from non-official online stores. Finding a reputable online store has always been a challenge, as has dealing with warranty, processing and shipping delays, aftersales support, and importantly, finding stock at a reasonable price. OzBargain, an online Australian bargain sharing community, has been home for finding many Xiaomi product deals, direct from grey-import stores. Unfortunately, purchases from these grey-import stores have never come with local warranty, and many considered this process too risky. We can now expect any products purchased from Xiaomi Australia to include full warranty and aftersales support.

Now lets talk about pricing. Xiaomi relentlessly builds amazing products with honest prices. Products typically include specifications comparable to high-end devices at a fraction of the cost. When we look closely at and compare prices with those directly from and even grey-import stores, things don’t look as exciting as we would have hoped for. Xiaomi is believed to be having “ongoing discussions” with telco Optus, a move that could draw plenty of attention from consumers, and manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo, Samsung and Apple. Vodafone and Telstra are yet to confirm details on any discussions with Xiaomi. Xiaomi is set to shake up the smartphone, Internet of Things (IoT) and lifestyle device market.


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