Manmohan Chandolu, General Manager, POCO India, has announced that the POCOPHONE F1 MIUI Update is now set for release. POCOF1 users will receive this update via an OTA update soon, as it is rolled out in batches. The new update brings much awaited features as well as the latest Android Security Update.

POCOPHONE F1 users will receive an update to the camera, which will enable [email protected] video recording. New AI camera modes and several camera related bug fixes are also added.

Game Turbo Mode makes its way to the POCOPHONE F1, and is added into this update. Users can activate this, which will boost the overall gaming experience for specific apps.

Widevine L1 support has finally been released, which is great news for users needing Netflix, Amazon, or similar apps in HD. For those unfamiliar with Google’s Widevine DRM platform, it is used to prevent the copying and unauthorised redistribution of media. Devices with Widevine security levels classified as L1, will receive HD and above resolutions. This would mean all processing is taking place in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is classified as the most secure and trusted. L3 would mean you’re capped at sub-HD resolutions and processing is taking place outside of the TEE, which is classed as the least secure. POCOF1 Users will with only L3 after updating or no support for L1, will need to follow an additional step below:

  • If only L3 you’ll need to have at least one fingerprint enrolled – Go to Settings -> Lock screen & password -> Manage fingerprints -> Fingerprint payments -> Widevine (L1) – Click the “Certificate” button to download Widevine certificate
  • If your bootloader is unlocked, it will not support Widevine L1. If you want Widevine L1, you will have to lock the bootloader. Important note: Data will be wiped when doing so.

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