Xiaomi developers have recently agreed to reduce advertising within its MIUI operating system. Fans have taken to social media venting their concerns over the amount of advertising frequently interfering and visible within the operating system. Thankfully, MIUI developers have now planned to better this, and MIUI users can expect a software update soon.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO, has told Xiaomi’s product director Wang Teng Thomas that inappropriate advertising will be removed. He also states that advertising that creates a negative user experience will also be removed. At this stage it looks that MIUI will not be made completely ad-free.

MIUI is renowned for listening to user feedback and suggestions when it comes to development. There was recently a review from feedback and Xiaomi has agreed to six top features that are planned to be added to the operating system.

  • Support for WeChat / QQ call recording.
  • Local recycle bin for SMS, Photos, Documents, and other files that gets deleted automatically after 3 days.
  • Magnifying glass triggered by shortcut key to help users zoom into a picture or text.
  • New Notification box with custom filters and notifications that are not read for 12-hours are added to the notification box storage. It will not be cleared with on-click cleaning. Users can browse and find them and clear later.
  • Ultimate Power Saving mode to let users only use SMS and Phone.
  • Curriculum viewing and alerting in a calendar for schedule of different events in a day.


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